HOPE Hospitality & Warming Center

HOPE Hospitality & Warming Center


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HOPE Hospitality & Warming Center

Organization Description

HOPE provides low barrier, trauma informed emergency and recuperative shelter for adults experiencing homelessness with the goal of helping each guest secure permanent housing..

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Why should people vote for your organization for this award?

Individuals experiencing homelessness are the most susceptible and most vulnerable to the COVID 19 pandemic and the frigid Michigan winter. When living rough, the homeless are more likely to get COVID, spread COVID and die from COVID. HOPE plays a critical role in prevention of the spread of COVID and disease prevention in the homeless population.

How has the COVID-19 pandemic impacted your organization?

HOPE is now operating three shelter sites 24/7/365. Fundraising is down as we received a lot of our support through faith communities and corporations. While HOPE has received government money to help fund hotels, homeless shelters are not prioritized and funding is not adequate to the need.

What is the anticipated impact this award will have on the Pontiac community?

This funding will enable HOPE to ensure we have the resources to meet the needs of individuals experiencing homelessness in Pontiac.

Additional Information We Should Know

HOPE, founded in 1998 as a seasonal warming center, operates a low barrier emergency shelter for adults (judgment free, no sobriety or ID required and no criminal background check) and a recuperative shelter (discharge to home from the hospital for individuals experiencing homelessness) and a temporary site for those with COVID 19 at a local motel.